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Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT) is a diverse field of practice combining adventure and outdoor environments with the intention to achieve therapeutic outcomes for those involved. The practice uses four interlinked spheres, based on the Eco-bio-psycho-social model of health promotion; Nature, Adventure, Small Groups and a Therapeutic frame.
These four dimensions represent four mechanisms of change that have demonstrated well-being outcomes for participants, 
Physical: Physical activity & experiential

Psychological: Emotional safety & intentional

Social: Small group relationships &

effective teamwork,
Nature: Guided immersion in ancient

cultural landscapes/bush.

Our practice is fundamentally Trauma-informed, person centered and strengths based. 
Australian Association of Bush Adventure Therapy's Ethical Principles guide our practice at every level 

Our work falls under the broad umbrella of Outdoor Healthcare, Outdoor healthcare practices activate ‘human contact with nature’ as an intentional setting, method or mechanism to support human health, well-being and healing.

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Dooloomai is a community organisation that provides tailored outdoor programs for young people in Tasmania. We work with young people from a variety of different backgrounds, with diverse goals.
Each program is designed in consultation with prospective participants and the referring or partner organisation. Programs are deigned to serve the goals and intended outcomes of our clients. 
Initial development phases involve goal setting, planning and information sessions for prospective participants and their support networks. 
Delivery phase begins with introductory and rapport building opportunities. Moving onto a series of adventurous nature based activities, such as bushwalks, sea kayaking, coasteering, snorkelling, river rafting, river kayaking, abseiling, rock-climbing, caving, high ropes course and team building obstacles.  Either as a series of Day trips, or Day trips leading up to one or more multi-day Expedition/journey experiences. 
Generally culminating in celebration event, where the participants community can acknowledge and celebrate their achievements.

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The Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy AABAT ethical principles, which guide the development and delivery of our programs.

  • Positive regard for all people

  • Respect for differences in culture, gender, age and identity

  • Strong family and community connections

  • Transparency, Informed consent, Confidentiality

  • Voluntary participation (within the confines of service type)

  • Selection for ‘readiness’ to participate

  • Attention to individual and group needs and hopes

  • Supportive physical, psychological and social environments

  • Tailored adventure experiences

  • Provision of options and choices (including supported exits)

  • Respect for cultural custodianship of country

  • Increasing self awareness and reflexive practice

  • Safety and no harm to self, others or natural environments

How/Why: About Us
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