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Dooloomai is an independent not for profit organisation delivering Bush Adventure Therapy and outdoor education experiences. We provide challenging and meaningful experiences for participants by combining the natural environment, a simple lifestyle and Bush Adventure therapy techniques. Creating unique opportunity for self-reflection, personal motivation and positive change.


From local bush to remote wilderness, or nestled in the heart of the 25 hectare Dooloomai property (near the eastern foothills of Ben Lomond National Park). Our programs offer the chance for participants to gain psychological, physical, social, behavioural, environmental health and wellbeing benefits. 


“Our mission is to provide the opportunity for participants to develop an awareness of themselves and others, to form connections to their communities allowing for positive change.”

Dooloomai's Guiding Principles:

  • Positive regard for all people

  • Respect for differences in culture, gender, age and identity

  • Strong family and community connections

  • Transparency, Informed consent, Confidentiality

  • Voluntary participation (within the confines of service type)

  • Selection for ‘readiness’ to participate

  • Attention to individual and group needs and hopes

  • Supportive physical, psychological and social environments

  • Tailored adventure experiences

  • Provision of options and choices (including supported exits)

  • Respect for cultural custodianship of country

  • Increasing self-awareness and reflexive practice

  • Safety and no harm to self, others or natural environments

Established by the Australian Bush Adventure Therapy Organisation, AABAT Inc. In consultation with the BAT community.

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Bush Adventures for Empowerment, Connection & Wellbeing




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Dooloomai NEEDS you. 

Three years ago, our beloved Troopy was stolen. With limited funds, we found the best replacement that we could and it’s served us well and holds dear memories for countless participants. Cramped in the back, bumping along dirt tracks, enthusiastic sing alongs... It's chugged along with our monster kayak trailer wearing it down and has faithfully carried us from A to B with increasing groaning and moaning but it needs to be retired. It’s served us as a temporary fix but it’s reached the end of it’s life and now we desperately need a consistent, reliable vehicle. $50,000 is needed to purchase a quality Troopy. Without a vehicle, we can't get people out into the mountains. 

In January Dooloomai is running a trip into the Central Plateau in partnership with Diabetes Tas. We're taking a bunch of adventurous young adults living with chronic illness into the mountains on a challenging bushwalk. The Central Plateau can be hit with all sorts of weather at all times of year. To ensure the safety of our group we need some new tents, ones that will keep us warm and dry without adding 5kg to our pack weights. We're looking to purchase 6x One Planet Wurley 2 tents, which are $559 each ($3,354 in total). 

If you go to our website (https://www.dooloomai.org/) you'll notice that it's pretty daggy, we really have to do some rebranding. We'll be redesigning our website and logo which also requires funds. Alternatively, if you're a graphic or website designer who can spare some time to help us out with these things, send us an email on dooloomai.inc@gmail.com

We know that this is a huge amount to ask for, but we also know how many people benefit from our programs and believe strongly that this is a cause worth fighting for.