Benefits and learning outcomes of Dooloomai experiences will vary according to participating individuals combined with the aims and objectives of a specific program. Research evidence suggests that BAT style programs offer a core set of learning outcomes that include:


An overall increase in self- awareness, including understanding about entrenched behaviour patterns, both constructive and destructive. This increased awareness allows participants to honestly identify personal strengths and weaknesses.


Increased self-confidence, stemming from an extension of perceived personal capabilities and limits.


Willingness to assess personal safety, and take positive risks.


Improved individual and team problem-solving and decision-making abilities, particularly in challenging or stressful situations, leading to an associated ability to manage stress and control internal dialogue.


Increased understanding of different styles of leadership and processes of group dynamics.


Better understanding about the establishment of trust.


Experiences of the value of support networks including the ability to ask for and give assistance, support and encouragement.


Development of communication skills and the ability to listen to others.


Improvements in the ability to give and receive feedback.


Experiences and increased understanding of the benefits of goal-setting.


Greater respect and understanding of individual differences.


Participation in group processes and opportunities for individual therapeutic conversations with facilitators and fellow participants.

Previous Programs & Testimonials

Since its inception in 1993, Dooloomai has implemented a diverse range of programs for client groups from various sectors of the youth community. Recent programs have included the following organisations or target groups:


Anglicare PASS program for youth at risk of homelessness


DHHS Out of Home Care and Complex Needs Programs


Colony 47 Justice Mentoring Program


Sport and Recreation Aboriginal Outdoor Recreation Program


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren


Foster Carers Association


Department of Education – Leadership Programs


St Michaels Collegiate School – Outdoor Education Program


Carers Respite Centre


Polytechnic Youth Connect ProgramEdzone DoE Alternative Education program

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