The Dooloomai Youth Project has a bush block in the foothills of the Ben Lomond mountain range in North East Tasmania.


The property has a simple pioneer style bush hut built in the 1990s. The hut is continually evolving as Dooloomai participants can learn simple construction skills and add to the ever evolving bush hut. The 25 Hectare Bush Property was donated to the Dooloomai Committee by Scott Marshall the founder of the Dooloomai Youth Project. The walk in to the property through the open eucalyptus forest allows for participants to learn 'off track' navigation skills, carrying all they need for a few days on the property, it takes about 3 - 4 hours to walk in.


The property also has vehicular access for carrying in extra supplies and tools as well as emergency access. There are multiple activities including a great abseiling site and walk through a spectacular gorge on Stories Creek. It is also possible to go on a multiday journey from the top of Ben Lomond descending down Stacks or Sphinx Bluff to Stories Creek and the Dooloomai property.


While staying on the property groups can cook on camp ovens on an open fireplace and enjoy the simple bush life that allows for our Bush Adventure Therapy Facilitators to encourage in depth group discussions and personal reflection to help our participants connect to themselves their community and the natural environment.


Dooloomai Bush Property:

Fingal Valley, Tasmania.

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