About us

“Our mission is to provide the opportunity for participants to develop an awareness of themselves and others, to form connections to their communities allowing for positive change.”


Dooloomai is an independent non-profit organisation delivering collaborative Bush Adventure Therapy and outdoor education experiences. Dooloomai aims to provide challenging and meaningful experiences for participants by combining the natural environment, a simple lifestyle and Bush Adventure therapy techniques to provide a unique opportunity for self-reflection and personal motivation for positive change.


Programs offer the chance for participants to gain psychological, physical, social, behavioural, and environmental health and wellbeing benefits. In addition to offering both local and remote outdoor experiences, a central focus for many of Dooloomai’s programs is a visit or extended stay at the 25 hectare Dooloomai property, located near the eastern foothills of Ben Lomond National Park in Tasmania’s north-east.


At the Dooloomai property participants may become involved in constructing a pioneer-style, hut gaining practical skills while developing a sense of achievement and a connection to the land.

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